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Restore the Gulf Beyond the Shore

The world's biggest restoration effort is underway right now in the Gulf of Mexico and you can make sure it’s a huge success.

During the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in 2010, the Gulf was subjected to more than 210 million gallons of oil that sickened and killed wildlife, with a massive impact on local communities. Today, the funding from the BP settlement set aside over $1 billion to restore the deep ocean waters where the disaster took place. With this $1 billion fund, we finally have a chance to restore the Gulf beyond the shore.

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Right now, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the Gulf of Mexico healthier and more vibrant than ever before – but we can’t do it without YOU. Send a message to the Open Ocean Trustees, urging them to use the funds for the most pressing needs in the deep sea, such as those in Ocean Conservancy’s report, Restoring the Gulf Beyond the Shore – Part II.


An estimated ten million gallons of BP oil still contaminates the seafloor today. Trillions of larval fish died, and research expeditions to the blown-out wellhead found dying corals covered in a layer of oil-tainted material. But we can help the Gulf recover not only from the BP oil disaster but also from decades of other stressors.


Ask the Open Ocean Trustees for open water restoration plans.

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