Make National Parks Plastic-Free

It isn’t hard to understand why we must protect our majestic national parks. The parks remind us of the natural wonders our planet and our country hold and why we must work so hard to protect them.

We have an opportunity to eliminate a major source of plastic pollution from our national parks: single-use plastic water bottles. Take action to keep our national wonders free from plastics. 

In 2011 the National Park Service stopped selling single-use plastic water bottles and saved 2 million bottles a year! This one simple policy kept nearly 112,000 pounds of plastic from being sold and prevented 141 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. 

The previous administration lifted this simple and effective policy and it is time to put it back. Let’s protect our country’s natural treasures for generations to come. Tell your congressional representatives to ban single-use plastic water bottles from national parks.  

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