Offshore Wind Energy Facing Headwinds

The climate crisis may seem too big to tackle … too big for one person to make an impact. But climate change is a problem with known solutions, and everyone can contribute.

And YOU are a part of the solution.

We need to make drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade to stay below warming temperatures of 1.5°C to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. One known solution to the climate crisis is expanding energy from renewable energy sources, like offshore wind. If done responsibly, offshore wind energy can prevent 78 million metric tons of CO2 emissions and inject $12 billion in annual capital investments along both coasts while creating thousands of good-paying American jobs.

We can’t let this opportunity blow away—will you help take action?

Our elected officials have the power to deliver and make the United States a leader in responsibly developed offshore wind. “Responsible” means everything from investing in science and monitoring to protecting wildlife to ensuring the communities where power is generated have access to good jobs. Take action by telling Congress to support funding increases across the federal agencies involved in offshore wind to ensure it is developed responsibly.

Climate change poses the biggest threat to our ocean and to the future of the planet.

Take action today to be part of the climate solution and urge Congress to deliver on America’s clean-energy future.

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