Keep Plastics Out of National Parks

Recently, the Department of the Interior announced an order to reduce and eventually phase out the sale of single-use plastic products in national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands by 2032. Thanks to advocates like you, the sale of single-use plastic products will be phased out from 480 million acres of federally managed lands. Send a thank you note to celebrate this incredible victory for our ocean. 

We know that trash travels. A lightweight plastic wrapper lost in Yellowstone can travel hundreds of miles via river or waterway before eventually winding up in our ocean. More than 11 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean each year, and plastic production is expected to triple by 2060. We need to ensure a swift phase-out of plastics in our parks to protect our country, our ocean and our planet. 

It’s crucial we push for policies that reduce single-use plastics throughout the country, especially in places so essential for cultivating the next generation of environmental stewards. Show your support for the ban of single-use plastics from our national parks. 

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