Protect Our Ocean from Plastics

While octopuses may be able to escape some of the trickiest situations by twisting and contorting their bodies to evade predators, ocean plastics is one threat they can’t hide from. You can help these incredible creatures by keeping their ocean habitat clean. 

Right now, there is a model for legislation that can tackle the plastic pollution crisis at the source. California recently passed legislation at the state level that will keep 23 million tons of plastic off our shelves and out of our ocean. But in order to protect octopuses and all the animals that live in the ocean, we need to see this type of action at the federal level. 

We need your help to make this vision a reality. Take action now to protect our ocean and our communities from plastic pollution.

If we don’t act now to change this current trajectory, plastic production and consumption are on track to double in the next decade. We need to see more legislation that holds plastic makers accountable, curbs plastic production and encourages reuse. 

To protect our ocean, we must stop plastic production. Support this critical legislation to tackle the plastic pollution crisis for octopuses, our communities and our ocean. 

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