Take Action for Climate-Ready Fisheries

Climate change is disrupting where fish are found, what they can eat, where they can live and how many there are. These changes are already impacting fisheries in our ocean waters, and fishery-dependent coastal economies and Indigenous communities and cultures are particularly vulnerable as the effects of climate change worsen. While many fishermen are ready to adapt and make change, our systems to manage fisheries are not.

Tell NOAA Fisheries: More must be done to prepare U.S. fisheries for the impacts of climate change.

Despite the existential threats posed by climate change, fishery managers are seriously lagging behind on climate adaptation and resilience. Fishery managers and fishermen need climate-related tools and information to make decisions. NOAA Fisheries could do more to develop and disseminate guidance that can help spur the on-the-water changes needed to prepare fisheries for climate change.

This National Seafood Month, take action by calling on NOAA Fisheries to improve fishery efforts to prepare for and adapt to climate change.

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