Changing the Course of the Climate Crisis

Did you know that international shipping emissions are responsible for roughly 3% of the world’s greenhouse gases (GHGs)? If international shipping were a country, it would be the sixth-biggest greenhouse gas emitter. Ship engines produce climate-changing pollutants, including black carbon and carbon dioxide. Unless action is taken, experts predict shipping emissions will increase and could account for upwards of 17% of GHGs by 2050.

Ocean Conservancy is calling on the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to adopt a plan that aligns with Paris agreement ambitions and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and 100% by 2040.Will you join us by taking action?

Shipping emissions choke the air in portside communities with pollution that causes an estimated 250,000 premature deaths and 6 million childhood asthma cases globally each year. Too often these communities are low-income communities and home to those who have faced racial, ethnic or other forms of discrimination.

By acting now, we have the chance to change this course together and have a positive impact on our ocean and the communities and wildlife that depend on it for generations to come.

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