Ensure Congress Fully Funds NOAA

The work of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ranges from the depths of our ocean’s floor all the way up to the reaches of space. And whether you know it or not, NOAA’s services touch the lives of everyone across the United States nearly every single day.

Who manages America’s fisheries and keeps our ocean and coastal habitats healthy? Yep, that’s NOAA. Who helps protect endangered marine mammals and other ocean wildlife? Yep, that’s NOAA. And if you’ve checked your weather forecast today … you’ve got it, that’s NOAA, too!

As the climate crisis continues to wreak havoc on our ocean and coastal communities and as we work to create new jobs to make a more resilient nation, these investments in NOAA’s science, conservation, climate and weather missions are more important than ever before.

What can we do to return the favor to this imperative agency that does so much for us? Act now and tell Congress to ensure NOAA is fully funded.

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