Humpback whales swimming

Protect our ocean and coasts

The Trump administration’s Interior Department is forging ahead with a plan to expand offshore drilling. This plan goes against what we want for the future of our country and for future generations of Americans. Opening up more of our coasts to offshore drilling is dangerous and short-sighted.

The Trump administration has already started to develop a five-year program designed to encourage more offshore oil and gas drilling.

An accident could lead to a massive oil spill that could cause severe impacts to the economies of coastal communities; close commercial and recreational fisheries; mar beaches and shorelines; and injure or kill birds, fish and marine mammals. Impacts from oil spills can last for decades.

But, YOU can help stop new oil and gas leasing by taking action now. Tell the Secretary of the Interior not to open new areas of the ocean to risky offshore drilling.

Don’t let President Trump open up more of our coasts to offshore drilling