Reduce the Production of Harmful Single-Use Plastics

Plastics are major contributors to the degradation of our ocean waters and the habitats and lives of countless sea creatures. Just half a gram (the weight of one-tenth of a teaspoon of sand!) of ingested plastic is enough to kill a baby sea turtle. Adult sea turtles also easily confuse plastic bags and clear single-use plastics for jellyfish, their favorite tasty treat. Now is the time to act against the production of single-use plastics that end up in our most precious waterways.

To address this rampant plastic pollution crisis threatening sea turtles, our ocean and our environment, we must reduce the number of plastics we produce and use, starting with single-use plastics. Eliminating these problematic single-use plastics that pollute our waters would result in a significant reduction in plastic production, decrease contamination in the waste stream and a produce a healthier ocean for all of us.

Join us and tell the Biden administration to support a minimum 50% global reduction target for single-use plastics by 2050 as a part of the international plastics treaty on plastic pollution.

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