Keep Plastics Out of our National Parks

Currently, 11 million metric tons of mostly single-use items enter the ocean each year solely from land-based sources. That’s more than a garbage truck’s worth of plastics every minute, and the figure is expected to triple by 2040 if we continue producing and using plastics the way we are now.
Land-based sources are the major contributor to plastics in the ocean—we need to reduce the amount of plastics—especially single-use plastics—in order to help solve the plastic pollution crisis. It’s time to choose wildlife over waste.
The Reducing Waste in National Parks Act
(S.2728 /H.R. 4561) would direct the National Park Service to establish a program for the National Park System to reduce the use of disposable plastic products and, if applicable, eliminate their sale and distribution.

Take action by urging your senators to support the Reducing Waste in National Parks Act.

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