Farewell to Plastic Foam

Plastic foam is a disaster for our ocean and environment—it breaks apart easily and can be blown by the wind and dispersed as pollution. Volunteers with Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup®, the world’s largest effort to remove plastics and other trash from ocean and inland waterways, have collected nearly 9 million plastic foam cups, plates and takeout containers since 1986, weighing more than 160,000 pounds of non-recyclable material! (And this doesn’t even include the small pieces that plastic foam notoriously breaks up into.)

The Farewell to Foam Act would, beginning in 2026, restrict food service providers, manufacturers and retailers from selling plastic foam foodware, packing peanuts and single-use foam coolers. Let’s come together and call on Congress to pass this imperative legislation.

Act now and say farewell to foam so we can protect our ocean and beaches for generations to come.

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