We Must Confront the Climate Crisis

This year the United States is expected to deliver on their pledge for climate finance to support projects around the world aimed at combating the impacts and causes of climate change. The U.S. is still far behind on that pledge even though the need for it has intensified.

The emissions the U.S. have historically produced, and still are producing, are impacting the entire planet. Entire countries stand to lose their homes and ways of life from rising sea levels, intensifying storms and other climate impacts. Urge the Biden administration to keep their commitment to urgently prioritize funding climate action across the entirety of the foreign assistance budget.

We are currently on track to pass critical thresholds that will have devastating consequences for the planet and those who live on it. Keeping this commitment now is critical to confronting the climate crisis.

We need you to call on our leaders to provide funding to prevent the worst climate impacts and help people adapt to the changes they are already experiencing. We need to ensure that vulnerable developing countries, those least responsible for climate change, have the resources they need to prepare for escalating impacts.

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