NO New Offshore Oil and Gas Leases

We must do everything we can to help combat the climate crisis.

For too long, the fossil fuel industry has conducted offshore drilling operations in our waters—with devastating consequences. Offshore oil and gas development fuels our changing climate and warming ocean waters, hurts marine life with its inevitable oil spills and litters the ocean floor with countless miles of abandoned pipelines.

Recently, the Biden administration announced a schedule for new offshore oil and gas lease sales over the next five years. Instead of discontinuing dirty and dangerous offshore oil and gas leasing, the 2024-2029 schedule allows up to three new lease sales.

If the administration goes forward with the lease sales, it would be a serious setback to the ongoing efforts to protect our climate, our coastal communities and economies, and the countless marine species that depend on a healthy ocean for their survival.

The good news? While the 2024-2029 schedule allows up to three new lease sales, it doesn’t require them. The Biden administration can still choose not to hold any new lease sales at all.

Take action: Tell the Biden administration not to go forward with new offshore lease sales included in the final 2024-2029 offshore oil and gas program.

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