Sunsetting Harmful Shipping Emissions

Shipping emissions are dirty and dangerous for our ocean, our climate and the frontline communities living near ports. Emitting nearly 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, shipping and port pollution drives climate breakdown and causes an estimated 250,000 premature deaths and six million cases of childhood asthma each year.

That is unacceptable—it’s time for the sun to set on harmful shipping emissions.

It’s no secret that shipping is a critical component of our supply chains. But the health and economic consequences of shipping pollution overwhelmingly affect port-adjacent communities already suffering from poverty, racial and other forms of discrimination, marginalization and economic insecurity. It’s time to take steps to eliminate these harmful emissions and ensure the shipping industry is on a pathway that avoids the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

Don’t wait: Tell President Biden to protect our communities, our ocean, our climate and our future.

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