Help Our Kelp

Kelp is home to an incredible diversity of marine life—providing food and shelter for hundreds of fish and marine mammals. Kelp has been supporting Tribes and communities since time immemorial. If that isn’t enough—kelp also helps us combat many of the ocean’s biggest challenges by storing carbon and reducing the force of storm-driven tides and surges.

Kelp forests support us, now it is our turn to support them.

Kelp forests are facing some scary threats. Higher ocean temperatures have limited kelp growth and there has been a population explosion of purple sea urchins who eat a high volume of kelp.

Luckily, there is a bill in the U.S. Congress that could help this vital ecosystem. The Help Our Kelp Act would provide critical funding to conserve and restore wild kelp forests critical to both the animals that live there and the communities that depend on them. Take action to give kelp a helping hand.


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