Charting a New Course

We want the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to show that they love our lungs by saying YES to lifesaving air-quality protections. 

The pollution from marine vessels affects the planet and can put our health at risk. The communities that live near busy ports, often communities of color, experience numerous life-threatening health risks like breathing problems and respiratory diseases.  

Fortunately, there is already a pending regulation that could address this problem and become a model for other communities. The California Air Resources Board amended the Commercial Harbor Craft Rule in 2022, setting the first zero-emissions mandate for ferries in the U.S. and requiring cleaner engine upgrades for tugboats and other regulated vessels. 

Approving these updated clean-air regulations can not only help Californians but create a blueprint for improving air quality in port communities throughout the United States. However, the EPA has yet to approve this new rule.  

These regulations can save lives. Take action for our climate, our communities and the ocean. Tell the EPA to authorize this important protection for air quality, our ocean and port communities. 


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