Big Oil Must Clean Up After Themselves

When oil spills hit the water, we unfortunately already know the devastating impacts. And yet, fossil fuel companies are not only drilling; they’re also leaving their unused, old and dirty oil rigs in our ocean, allowing them to sit and pollute the water and climate.

It’s time to hold Big Oil accountable for cleaning up after themselves.

Decommissioning offshore oil and gas infrastructure is vital to protecting coastal communities, wildlife and our ocean environment, yet oil and gas companies have repeatedly failed. A new report revealed serious insufficiencies with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement’s (BSSE) efforts to enforce laws that require companies to plug up and remove unused offshore oil wells and for the fossil fuel industry’s failure to take responsibility for its continued impact on our ocean and coastal communities.

Fossil fuel companies must clean up their messes! Join us and add your name to the growing list of folks who are speaking out.

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