Take Action for our Ocean

One billion dollars cut! We are shocked that the President’s budget, just released, recommends a $1 billion cut to NOAA—taking away valuable resources from coastal and ocean needs.

The proposed budget cuts mean that federal funds to support ocean wildlife, including marine mammal first responders could be drastically reduced. But, these funds are so important! For example, the Clearwater Aquarium is doing important work to rehabilitate dolphins and return them to the ocean. NOAA helps make this work possible.

Whales, dolphins and more all rely on groups on the ground, to help in times of need. We can’t lose this critical funding that enables such important work.

Marine mammal funding cuts are just one example of the many cuts in the President's budget that would impact our ocean and coasts.

But, luckily there is a silver lining.

This budget is a proposal, which means it is not written in stone. You and I have the opportunity and responsibility to let Congress know that ocean issues matter to us. Congress will ultimately write the 2019 budget for NOAA, and they are just getting started.

Take action today by telling your elected representatives that our coastal communities and our ocean is too important to risk.