Action Alert: Protect Endangered Species

Heartbreaking truth: countless marine species are in real, grave danger of becoming extinct.

Could you imagine a world where children only read about whales and sea turtles in science books on natural history, aligning them with such long-gone species as the dinosaurs?

We can’t either, and luckily, that’s where the Endangered Species Act (ESA) comes in.

The Endangered Species Act is critical to keeping our nation’s most at-risk marine wildlife safe from harm. But now, the Trump administration has taken action to weaken the Act. The changes reduce protections of critical habitat and put threatened species at more risk. They also skew the balance toward economic value and business, away from the intrinsic value of protecting endangered species.

But Congress can do something. The Rules changed by the administration can be reversed by Congress. Please write to your Members of Congress today and let them know you support the critical protections the ESA provides for our ocean’s most vulnerable animals and you would like to see this harmful rule change overturned.

Take action today and let them know you mean business: the ESA has got to stay. Far too many species, from innocent baby turtles to whales and more, depend on it for their ultimate survival. Let’s make sure our children, and our children’s children, are all able to see an ocean as filled with vibrant wildlife as so many people seem to take for granted today.

Will you speak up for the ESA?

Take action…our ocean is counting on you.


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