Stop Oil Spills Before They Start!

Offshore oil drilling is risky business. Previous accidents have caused severe impacts to the economies of coastal communities, resulting in distressed commercial and recreational fisheries; marred beaches and shorelines; and hundreds of thousands of injured or dead birds, fish and marine mammals. Impacts from oil spills can last for decades, and the Trump administration is ramping up the risk of future offshore oil disasters.

The Trump administration is forging ahead with a proposed a nationwide program that would allow risky offshore drilling off virtually the entire U.S. coastline. And that’s not all. President Trump has also instructed the Department of the Interior to consider rolling-back key rules designed to improve the safety of offshore drilling—even though surprise inspections have turned up serious safety problems on offshore drilling platforms.

Expanding offshore drilling goes against what we want for the future of our country and for future generations of Americans. And weakening rules designed to prevent catastrophic oil spills is dangerous and short-sighted. 

YOU can help prevent this from happening by taking action now. Tell the Secretary of the Interior not to open new areas of the ocean to risky offshore drilling, and not to weaken the rules that govern offshore drilling.

We can’t afford to let the Trump administration increase the odds of another devastating oil spill in our ocean.

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