Fish might not be the cutest animals in the ocean, but healthy fish populations are critical for our ocean and for coastal communities. In the past four decades, we’ve made meaningful progress toward ending overfishing in U.S. waters and rebuilding fish populations. And we have a little law with a long name to thank: the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA).

But, a bill in the House of Representatives aims to reverse the tide and dismantle the MSA. We can’t let this happen. Please take action today—tell your Member of Congress—to vote NO on H.R. 200.

H.R. 200 would undermine the strength of the MSA and the successes we have seen in rebuilding depleted fish stocks and preventing overfishing, things that are good for fishermen and fishing communities.

Tell Congress to show strong leadership by defending the MSA and opposing H.R. 200, so that we have healthy fish populations for generations to come.

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