Take Action to Safeguard the Arctic

As sea ice melts faster and faster in the Arctic, more ships are traveling through these once remote waters.

The Arctic is teeming with wildlife, found nowhere else on Earth—beluga whales, bowhead whales, gray whales, walruses, polar bears and ice-dependent seals. It’s also home to Indigenous peoples who have lived in Arctic coastal communities for thousands of years and continue to rely on healthy ocean waters as a source of food and to sustain traditional cultural practices.

Increasing vessel traffic in the Arctic could put wildlife and local communities at greater risk from oil spills, accidents and pollution. Without careful management, growth in traffic will increase the threat of a major oil spill in these spectacular waters.

Fortunately, the U.S. Coast Guard is taking steps to safeguard shipping in the Arctic. It is undertaking a study of vessel traffic in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas. The study will assess current and predicted vessel traffic in the region and recommend measures to improve safety and environmental protection.

The Coast Guard has invited the public to submit suggestions and recommendations. Join us and tell the Coast Guard you support its efforts to protect Arctic waters from the impacts of increasing ship traffic.

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