Protect the Rare Bryde's Whale

The Gulf of Mexico is home to some amazing marine species, including the incredibly rare Bryde’s (pronounced BROO-dus) whale. Just recently, the Gulf whale has been recognized as endangered—an estimated 33 individuals remain off the coast of the Florida Panhandle.

In addition to the threat of expanded drilling, the Trump administration is considering reckless rollbacks to offshore drilling safety standards for existing offshore oil and gas operations that were put in place to help avoid another BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. These areas will likely be dangerously close to Bryde’s whale breeding and feeding habitats.

We can restore the Bryde’s whale back to healthy levels, but not without addressing the human activities that threaten its survival.

Help us save the Bryde’s whale. Speak up for these rare whales by writing to the Department of the Interior—opposing opening Florida’s waters to offshore drilling and urging them to keep offshore drilling safety standards in place.

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