Don't Let President Trump Open More of Our Coasts to Offshore Drilling

Thousands of ocean advocates took action—telling their members of Congress to vote “YES” on legislation that would provide the protections against offshore drilling that so many around the country are demanding.

Will you take action and THANK your member for voting "YES" or share your disappointment with your member of Congress for voting "NO"?

The Trump administration’s draft five-year offshore oil and gas program could open nearly our entire coastline to oil and gas drilling.

What’s next? Despite some members of Congress voting "NO" on these two bills there were enough “YES” votes to allow these two pieces of legislation to move out of the House of Representatives. It is now up to the Senate to act!

We applaud the members of Congress who took the health of the ocean into consideration and helped these very important pieces of legislation pass.

Please join us in taking action today.

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