Help Protect Manatees

You’d be hard pressed to find a gentler and more well-loved ocean animal than the manatee. It’s up to us to make sure this animal continues to thrive.

Manatees are extensively vulnerable to harm as a result of certain human activities. They are often hit by the propellers of boats and fast-moving water sports vehicles, resulting in many individuals suffering deep, large scars across their faces and bodies and ingest discarded items like fish hooks.

In 2017, the government reclassified the species' population status from "Endangered" to "Threatened." While rebounding manatee numbers are of course wonderful news, Florida's gentle giants still face a long road to a full and long-lasting recovery.

Take action today to keep manatee populations healthy and thriving.

We still have much to learn about the threats facing manatees and how we can protect them for generations to come. We need action on the local AND federal level—and you can help make sure that happens.

Take action today by telling Congress to fund manatee research and conservation. Dedicated funds will help scientists and wildlife managers determine the causes of manatee deaths and the ecosystem effects of decreasing manatee populations. The better we understand the threats facing these iconic animals, the better we can protect them.

Join us and tell Congress to support manatee research today.

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