Tell Congress to Support Legislation on Ocean Acidification

Two bills laser-focused on ocean acidification have been introduced in the Senate, carrying on the momentum created when the House of Representatives passed the first ocean acidification legislation in a decade this June.

But, we need YOUR help to make sure these important pieces of legislation continue moving forward and are eventually passed into law.

Take action today by asking your Senators to cosponsor both bills. Your Senators needs to hear that the health of our ocean is a priority and that these bills are important to you. Please take action today.

Ocean acidification is happening now to coastal communities we love and treasure. Our elected officials are getting this message, as dedicated ocean defenders like you keep telling them to support legislation designed to help our scientists understand ocean acidification better. This will help our leaders chart a strong course towards addressing acidification that protects coastal communities too.

Will you help?

Ask your Senators to cosponsor this legislation supporting ocean acidification science, addressing ocean acidification in estuaries and coasts and evaluating how American communities could be affected.

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