Keep Oil Out of Alaska Waters

You don’t have to live in Alaska to care about what happens to the ocean there. Many Alaskans depend directly on a healthy and vibrant marine ecosystem, and all Americans recognize Alaska for its rugged, magnificent coasts.

In Alaska, the government is considering revisions to the state’s oil spill prevention and response regulations. Strong regulations help ensure that oil stays out of Alaska waters and off of Alaska’s coastlines.

It’s a big concern that the government will choose to weaken the current regulations. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. Please take action today to help maintain or strengthen the existing rules! It’s in all of our interests to prevent spills and to ensure prompt effective spill response.

Alaska’s oil spill prevention and response regulations were put in place after the Exxon Valdez oil spill—which spilled roughly 11 million gallons of oil into the ocean, killing and injuring seabirds, sea otters, harbor seals, bald eagles, orcas and other marine wildlife. In the days that followed, the oil spread, contaminating more than 1,300 miles of Alaska’s coastline.

Current regulations make shipping safer in Alaska and helped to prevent another devastating accident—we cannot put our ocean at risk of another Exxon Valdez tragedy!

The State of Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking public input on oil spill prevention and response regulations. The public comment period is an opportunity to voice our support for ocean conservation. Don’t miss this chance to make waves of change for the ocean.

Please speak up and take action today. 


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