Use Your Voice to Protect the Ocean

Time and time again—the Trump administration has proven they care more about protecting the rights of polluting industries—rather than protecting public health and the environment.

Currently, the Trump administration is making plans to weaken the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)—taking away your voice on decisions that will significantly impact our ocean, environment and planet. 

It’s time to protect people—not polluting industries.

NEPA requires federal agencies to fully consider and disclose the environmental consequences of major federal actions before proceeding. This includes hearing from local communities who may be affected by these actions and providing them with opportunities to make their voices heard. 

This critical tool for accountability is under threat. We need you to make your voice heard. 

NEPA has safeguarded communities and the environment for 50 years, yet the Trump administration is aiming to greatly weaken its protections and the public’s right to have a say. The proposed rollback to NEPA protections would:

  • Reduce opportunities for public input on major federal decisions, including those affecting our ocean and coasts;

  • Decrease the number of potentially damaging projects that will undergo environmental review; and

  • Allow federal decision-making to ignore climate change when considering major projects, such as pipelines and highways.

NEPA protects your right to participate in decisions that impact the environment you live in and care about. 

Let the Trump administration know that you oppose rollbacks to NEPA. Don’t let the administration remove your voice from the decisions affecting your environment.


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