Stand Up Against Big Oil

During these challenging and uncertain times, we at Ocean Conservancy are fortunate to be able to continue working towards a healthy ocean and Gulf, not only for wildlife, but for all of us that depend on resilient, thriving coastlines. Now more than ever, it is important to look out for one another, the health of our planet and our ocean.

Oil companies need to be held accountable for risky offshore drilling operations that threaten our critically important resources—and homes. Speak up for the health of the Gulf and the millions of people who rely on productive fisheries and resilient coasts.

The Trump administration has undone critical drilling safety standards that were put in place to prevent another Deepwater Horizon disaster. We cannot afford weakened standards that put communities and wildlife at risk. The House of Representatives has already taken a stand to protect the Gulf by passing legislation that would ban expanded offshore drilling in sensitive or high-risk areas and codify safety regulations—prioritizing the needs of small businesses, local communities and individuals’ health over big oil companies.

Will you urge your Senator to support important safety regulations that safeguard against risky offshore oil and gas drilling?

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