Take Action for the Ocean and the Climate

We must address climate change—it is critical for the health of the ocean and the communities and economies that rely on it. Rising temperatures and other ocean impacts are disrupting ocean ecosystems now—causing loss of important habitats, changing food webs and species distributions, and threatening fisheries, frontline communities, and ocean industries.

It’s clear that climate change and its ocean impacts are here now, and will promise to get worse if we don’t act immediately.

Will you join us in taking action today? Please ask your members of Congress to enact climate policies that will protect our ocean and communities before it is too late.

The reality is that the ocean has absorbed approximately 90% of the excess heat generated by greenhouse gas pollution to date. We must address climate change for the future health of our ocean. Our leaders need to hear from us that they must address this important issue now.

Please take action today!

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