Protect the Ocean by Fully Funding NOAA

The Trump administration proposed to cut NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) funding levels by as much as 13% for FY21, marking the fourth consecutive year of drastic proposed cuts to the agency that oversees our nation’s ocean and coasts.

Rejecting drastic cuts to NOAA, the House of Representatives passed a full year funding bill that would increase funds critical to NOAA’s ability to protect our ocean, coastal resources, and coastal economy.

Take action today—tell the Senate to fully fund NOAA.

America relies on the team of world-class professionals and scientists at NOAA for vital information from the bottom of the ocean all the way up to space. It’s NOAA who is responsible for exploring and protecting the depths of our ocean. It’s NOAA who manages America’s fisheries. It’s NOAA who protects endangered marine mammals and other ocean wildlife. It’s NOAA who gives your local meteorologist the data they need to do their jobs and give you your local weather forecast. It’s NOAA who forecasts and tracks hurricanes.

Since NOAA touches all of us, funding cuts to NOAA will hurt all of us in ways both seen and unseen. Please join us in taking action today!

While our nation faces responding to an unprecedented pandemic and begins to chart a road to recovery, it is essential that NOAA has the funding required to continue supporting the needs of coastal communities and the blue economy.

Take action by writing to your Senator before it’s too late.

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