You Can Help Protect the Arctic!

As Arctic sea ice continues to melt, Arctic waters are experiencing more and more ship traffic. Last September, the Arctic matched the record for the second lowest sea ice extent: only in 2012 was there less seasonal sea ice in the Arctic Ocean at the end of the summer season. Less ice means more shipping and more risk for the Arctic marine ecosystem.

Increasing vessel traffic in the Arctic could put wildlife and local communities at greater risk from oil spills, accidents and pollution. Without oversight and effective management, growth in traffic will increase the threat of a major oil spill in these spectacular waters.

You can help protect the Arctic!

Take action today by asking the United States Coast Guard to take steps to reduce the risks of increasing vessel traffic in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas. We can’t wait—the volume of vessel traffic is already increasing, and we need to act now to put in place key measures to increase safety and reduce risk in the Arctic waters.

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