Support Ocean Climate Solutions

We are already seeing the impacts of a changing climate on our ocean. From ocean acidification to deoxygenation, the ocean experiences firsthand the devastating effects of an increasingly warm planet. But it can also be an important part of how we tackle climate change. From blue carbon ecosystems to offshore renewable energy, our ocean offers a vast array of solutions to address the climate crisis.

We need our ocean advocates more than ever to take a stand to protect the ocean and ensure we do not overlook the sustainable climate solutions it provides. Will you ask your representative to stand for our ocean and coastal communities and become a cosponsor of the Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act?

The Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act is a new bold piece of legislation that aims to safeguard the ocean—and the communities that rely on it—from the impacts of climate change. It will also be the first piece of legislation to comprehensively address how ocean solutions can support the fight against a changing climate. It includes measures to invest in blue carbon ecosystems that sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; provides coastal communities with new resources to mitigate and adapt to the unavoidable impacts from climate change; combats ocean acidification and harmful algal blooms; and ensures our fisheries are sustainable in the face of increasing climate impacts.   

Speak up in support for the Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act.

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