You Can Fight Ocean Plastic Pollution from Home

Plastics are a huge problem for our ocean. For baby sea turtles, ingesting just half a gram—one one-thousandth of a pound—can be deadly. Sea turtles can easily confuse plastic bags for one of their favorite foods, jellyfish. Plastic impacts more than 800 marine species and has been documented everywhere from the deepest ocean trenches to Arctic ice.

Did you know that the United States generates the most plastic waste of any country in the world? It’s true.

Ocean Conservancy along with our partners published a study in Science Advances that shows the United States ranks as high as third among countries contributing to coastal plastic pollution.

We need our lawmakers to act on this shocking information. Will you ask your Representatives to take action to prevent plastics from entering our ocean?

This is a call to action for all Americans to address plastic pollution at home. We need to work towards making sure the United States is not a leading contributor to the problem, but a leader in solutions instead.

We need to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastics and when plastic is necessary, ensure it can actually be recycled in the communities where it is sold. Urge your members of Congress to take action to keep the ocean free of plastics.

Plastic pollution is a threat to our ocean and all of the incredible creatures who call it home. We need to put an end to ocean plastic pollution now. We must work together to create a healthier future for our ocean. 

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