RISE UP for Our Ocean
The ocean sustains all life on our planet and is fundamental to human survival and well-being. Now is the time to RISE UP in its defense.

Coral reefs only take up about 1% of the ocean floor, but host an estimated 25% of all ocean species. We will lose up to 99% of our tropical coral reefs if the planet warms by two degrees Celsius. Coral reef die-offs, collapsing fish populations and species extinctions are evidence of the escalating ocean crisis brought about by overfishing, climate change, pollution and other stressors. They are eroding the ocean’s ability to function as our life support system.

RISE UP is a coalition of more than 400 organizations from around the world who are calling on governments and businesses to save our ocean. RISE UP outlines a list of action steps we need to take now from investing in a zero-carbon emission future to restoring critical ocean ecosystems.

We know we need ambitious action in order to ensure we have a thriving ocean for generations to come. We are asking you to join the call and RISE UP for the ocean.

Like a wave coming on shore, the success of this movement depends on YOU and all of our supporters joining forces and pushing forward. We need as many organizations as possible to join us and RISE UP. Will you help us generate the momentum we need to call on governments and businesses to protect our ocean?

Your voice is important to catalyze action for our ocean. Only together can we RISE UP for the ocean before it’s too late.

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