Protect the Arctic from Risky Drilling
The 2016 Arctic Drilling Rule is a federal regulation designed to protect the Arctic Ocean from the potentially catastrophic impacts of exploratory oil drilling. Last year, the Trump administration began an effort to weaken the rule and remove critical Arctic protections. Today, the Department of the Interior is still considering Trump’s proposed roll-backs.

President Biden has already taken strong action for our ocean, including rejoining the Paris Agreement and pausing the sale of new offshore oil and gas leases. But there’s still work to be done. Join Ocean Conservancy in asking the Department of the Interior to save the 2016 Arctic Drilling Rule and its sound standards for maximizing safety and minimizing risk in Arctic waters.

I can’t overstate the risk that drilling poses to the Arctic. Its remote location, sensitive ecosystems and variable conditions make it a potential hotspot for a catastrophic oil spill.

The comment period closes soon. Speak up today to tell the Interior Department to reject the Trump administration’s proposed roll-backs, save the 2016 Arctic Drilling Rule and protect vital Arctic ecosystems from risky drilling.

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