Protect Our Ocean From Climate Change

Climate change is altering our ocean and the essential services it provides us—such as a livable climate, fish to eat and important industries like shipping and tourism. But the ocean isn’t only a victim of climate change, it’s also a powerful source of solutions. It can help slow climate change by providing offshore renewable energy and natural carbon storage in critical coastal ecosystems like wetlands and mangrove swamps.

The United States has rejoined the Paris Agreement, a critical step for the health of our country, our ocean and our planet. As signers, we have committed to reducing carbon emissions and the Biden administration is crafting its plans to meet that commitment right now. We need you to use your voice and ensure the United States takes ambitious climate action, and that the ocean is included as an important part of the climate solution.

Americans are already living with the harsh daily realities of climate change. Fishing communities are struggling as fish stocks move away from their historic habitat as the ocean warms. Oyster growers in Washington have already suffered massive losses because of ocean acidification. Communities in Alaska are bracing for a future where they may have to abandon their ancestral homes. West Coast residents are seeing their homes and towns decimated by climate change-fueled fires.

We need to dramatically slow climate change if we want to protect everyone and everything that we love—and we need your help in that effort. Speak up today to ensure the ocean is included in the United States’ efforts to combat climate change.

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