Keep Our Ocean Free of Plastics

Ocean animals use a variety of weird and wonderful strategies to survive. Unfortunately, we’ve seen animals using these skills to adapt to plastic pollution—like a study in Brazil that found a seahorse using its camouflage to blend into a piece of plastic on the sandy ocean floor.

To help ensure no ocean creature is forced to survive in waters polluted by plastic, we need to take drastic action now. 

The United States is the largest generator of plastic waste globally. That’s why we support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act. This bill provides a sweeping set of policy measures that would aggressively reduce plastic waste and prevent it from entering the ocean from the start. Your members of Congress need to hear from YOU—to know that this piece of legislation is important to their constituents.

Among other measures, this bill would reduce plastic waste by phasing out single-use plastic products that regularly end up on our beaches and in our waterways and ensure companies take responsibility for the entire life-cycle of the plastic products they create.

We need ocean advocates like YOU to help us put an end to the growing threat of plastic pollution in our ocean. Tell your members of Congress to support long-lasting solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. 

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