Take Action and Lend a Helping Fin for the Fish in the Sea

Climate change is impacting many fish, like the wolffish beautifully pictured above. It’s changing where they live, how far they migrate and what food they have available to eat. We need to make sure that the agency tasked with managing our fisheries has the capability to take the impacts of climate change into account when they are assessing fish stocks and making management decisions.

Fishery managers need funding to understand how climate change affects fish and take action to adapt our fisheries in order to maintain healthy fish populations and sustainable ocean ecosystems.

Will you lend a helping fin for all the fish in the sea?

This year there is an opportunity to push for investment in NOAA Fisheries and put climate-ready fishery management in place. Now is the time to make fisheries climate-ready by bringing climate information into management and preparing fishing communities for the changes already at our doorstep.

Climate change means that managing fisheries sustainably is more challenging. As Congress begins creating budgets for all the federal agencies—we need to make sure funding for NOAA Fisheries covers the research needed to study the impacts of climate change on fisheries and equips fishery managers with the information they need to make sustainable decisions.

Will you tell your members of Congress to fully fund NOAA Fisheries?

In order to ensure sustainable fisheries and avoid future fishery disasters, how we manage fishing must account for the fact that climate change can lead to impacts on fish abundance and fishery productivity.

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