Take Action to Protect Ocean Wonders

America relies on the team of world-class professionals and scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for vital information from the bottom of the ocean all the way up to space.

Did you know that NOAA:

  • Is responsible for exploring and protecting the depths of our ocean?

  • Protects endangered marine mammals and other ocean wildlife?

  • Forecasts and tracks hurricanes and helps us understand the impacts of climate change?

That’s why we’re asking you to show your support for NOAA today.

We’re thrilled to see President Biden’s budget proposal for NOAA include historic funding for their vital mission. As climate change continues to wreak havoc on our ocean and coastal communities, and as we work to create new jobs to make a more resilient nation, prioritizing investments in NOAA’s science, conservation, climate and weather mission is more important now than ever.

It is now up to Congress to turn this proposal into a reality. Will you take action by telling your member of Congress to protect the ocean by fully funding NOAA?

It’s not just the ocean and its inhabitants that benefit from NOAA’s work. From weather forecasts on the local news to our thriving coastal economies, every community across the country relies on the services provided by NOAA.

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