Oil Wells in National Preserves? Take Action Now

Oil and gas exploration companies are pushing to drill in Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida. At a time when we need to be focusing on measures to combat climate change, the last thing we need is new fossil fuel extraction projects in climate-sensitive places like Florida. Oil drilling in ecologically unique wildernesses like Big Cypress and the adjacent Everglades could spell certain disaster for iconic Florida wildlife, contribute to habitat loss and increase pollution levels in the region.

The fate of our ocean and coasts is directly tied to decisions made upstream. That is why Ocean Conservancy is opposed to allowing drilling in Big Cypress National Preserve. The fossil fuel industry continues to target this national park unit for destructive oil and gas operations.

We need your help to speak up for the protection of Florida’s ecosystem. Will you take a minute to tell the Department of the Interior to reject the pending permits to drill for oil in Big Cypress National Preserve?

Big Cypress National Preserve, which is a fundamental and intrinsic part of the overall Everglades ecosystem, is home to many mammals, birds and reptiles. Anhingas, egrets and herons are found in plentiful numbers feeding and nesting in and among the cypress trees. You can also witness alligators, river otters, bobcats, black bears, the endangered Florida panther and even saltwater crocodiles in the Preserve.

There is no doubt that the proposed oil-extraction activities would harm the preserve. Please take action and ask the Department of Interior to reject the oil extraction permits that would harm this vital Everglades habitat.

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