Protect Our Democracy and Our Ocean

Our votes are powerful forces to protect our ocean. The ocean officials we elect make decisions and enact policies that affect the ocean and coastal communities that rely on it. As voters and ocean advocates, it is our responsibility to use our voice to create the future we’d like to see for our ocean. 

In order to enact positive change for the ocean we need to ensure the democratic process in our country is secure, fair and more accessible. We have a chance to do that with a historic bill reintroduced this Congress, the For the People Act. Use your voice to demand that Congress pass this critical legislation.

The ocean is facing mounting challenges from climate change to plastic pollution. In order to address those challenges, we need to ensure everyone in America can use their voice to demand action. The For the People Act has the potential to empower citizens from all walks of life and foster effective and ethical political action which continues to be so important for our ocean and the lives that depend on it.

It’s up to all of us to keep our democracy intact and accountable. Our ocean needs us.

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