Take Action to Turn Down the Volume

Many animals, including whales and dolphins, rely on sound to navigate, find prey, hide from predators and communicate with each other. But noise from commercial shipping, seismic surveys, oil exploration and military sonar can make it harder for them to hear, which can affect their ability to survive.

Unlike us, ocean animals can’t turn down the noise. It’s up to us to make sure we keep it quiet so they can thrive. Five years ago, NOAA released its Ocean Noise Strategy Roadmap, a ten year plan to ensure NOAA comprehensively addresses noise impacts to aquatic species and their habitat. Ask NOAA to continue to prioritize this work and further invest in addressing the impacts of underwater noise on our ocean.

Now hear this! Listen to what an icebreaker sounds like underwater.

When the world came to a halt last year around COVID-19, international shipping declined 20% in just a few months, resulting in about a 25% decrease in sound.

As the world opens up more and more, we have the chance to keep the ocean quieter. By supporting initiatives like the implementation of the Ocean Noise Strategy Roadmap, we can ensure we’re moving forward with ocean noise in mind.

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