End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The ocean is a place of wonder and vibrancy. We rely on it for our livelihoods and find joy on its shores. But climate change and plastic pollution could forever change the ocean we love if we don’t take action. What do they have in common? Fossil fuels.

This summer we have an opportunity to reverse outdated policies that fuel this dual crisis for our ocean. We need to put an end to tax loopholes that add up to billions in handouts for fossil fuel companies. It’s time to put money toward protecting our ocean and communities, not harming them. Speak up for the ocean today and tell Congress to put an end to wasteful fossil fuel subsidies.

If we want to protect everything that we love about the ocean, we need to stop supporting industries that pollute it. The world is moving beyond fossil fuels. America needs to lead the way by investing our taxpayer dollars in clean energy, not polluting industries. It’s time to tip the scales in favor of our ocean.

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