Take Action for Regional Ocean Partnerships

Communities across the world enjoy the ocean for the beauty it provides and depend on the ocean for their livelihoods. Commercial fishermen harvest fish from the sea, and renewable energy developers harness the power of the ocean’s wind. Surfers ride the waves near shore, and boaters take in the beauty of our marine life while on scuba trips and whale-watching tours. The ocean has a growing number of uses that cross state boundaries, and planning at the regional level is critical to ensure that the many ways we rely on the ocean don’t cause conflicts or negatively impact wildlife and habitat.

Regional Ocean Partnerships are regional organizations that collaborate with states, Tribes, federal agencies and other stakeholders to address pressing ocean and coastal issues. These partnerships work to ensure that our ocean and coastal activities can continue and that our ocean is healthy and its coasts are thriving.

These partnerships have operated in several regions for over a decade, working to address ocean issues unique to the region. Now a bipartisan bill is moving through the United States Senate, the Regional Ocean Partnership Act, that would formalize the role of Regional Ocean Partnerships as collaborative partners with federal agencies and secure more predictable funding for science, restoration, and collaborative regional planning efforts.

Will you join us in taking action today by telling your senators to say YES and pass the Regional Ocean Partnership Act?

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