Protect Coasts to Protect Sharks

Countless sharks, including lemon sharks, blacktip sharks and bull sharks, are drawn to the rich habitat and abundant prey of coastal ecosystems. They’re not the only ones that rely on coastal ecosystems—strong and resilient coasts are important for our health, safety and economy, too.

Tell Congress to prioritize funding that helps us protect coasts for sharks and for us.

We have a unique opportunity to send greatly needed funds to support coastal restoration and resilience projects that will also benefit our economy and coastal communities. Allocating funds from an infrastructure bill for these important projects will get more of them off the ground so we can build back better and bluer.

We also have the chance to combat another serious threat to sharks: climate change. Additional infrastructure funds can be used to invest in zero-emission shipping and ports, which cuts down on greenhouse gases entering our atmosphere.

Our ocean is interconnected. What’s good for sharks is good for us and all the other animals that call the ocean home. Tell Congress to help protect sharks by investing in critical projects that protect our coasts and climate.


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