Help Protect Manatees

You’d be hard pressed to find a gentler and more well-loved ocean animal than the manatee. It’s up to us to make sure this animal continues to thrive.

We know 2021 has been a terrible year for manatees. The sad truth is that more manatees have died in 2021 than in any other year in Florida's recorded history. According to state officials, the major cause is from starvation due to the loss of seagrass beds.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission reported that 841 manatee deaths were recorded between January 1 and July 2, breaking the previous record of 830 that died in 2013 because of an outbreak of toxic red tide.

We must work together to safeguard Florida’s manatees.

Take action today by telling Congress to fund manatee research and conservation. Dedicated funds will help scientists and wildlife managers determine the causes of manatee deaths and the ecosystem effects of decreasing manatee populations. The better we understand the threats facing these iconic animals, the better we can protect them.

Join us and tell Congress to support manatee research today.

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