Take Action to Support Thriving Fisheries

Over the last few decades, we’ve made meaningful progress toward ending overfishing in U.S. waters and rebuilding fish populations. And we have a little-known law with a long name to thank: the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA).

From shrimp to snapper, and porgy to pollock—many ocean fish benefit from conservation and management established through the MSA. It’s thanks to the MSA and hard work from fishermen, scientists and managers that our nation has rebuilt 47 fish populations.

Now, that progress is in jeopardy as ocean conditions change, putting vulnerable fishing communities and traditions at risk. In order for the MSA to continue helping fish populations, it must also address and ready our fisheries for the impacts of climate change.

Thankfully, new legislation was just introduced in the House of Representatives: the Sustaining America’s Fisheries for the Future Act. This legislation offers a bold and comprehensive update to the MSA that is a first step to ensuring our fishery management system is ready for climate change. We have the opportunity to secure sustainable fisheries now so that we can enjoy the bounty of fish for generations to come.

Will you take action today and tell your congressional representative to co-sponsor the bill?

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