Tackle Takeout Trash

The 2021 International Coastal Cleanup™️ (ICC) report “unwrapped” that all the food and beverage plastic packaging that so commonly comes with our takeout orders is causing a big problem for our ocean. Food-related packaging items like takeout containers, straws and cutlery typically make up 60% of the items most commonly collected at the ICC, yet few of these items can be recycled.

To stop the flow of plastics entering our waters, we need to reduce the amount of single-use plastic being produced. But, we also need to make sure the plastic waste we do produce isn’t destined for landfills or our ocean. We need accurate, easy-to-follow labeling and bigger, bolder recycling commitments (and action) from companies to truly stem the tide of plastics into our ocean.

We need recycled content standards in place to drive more and improved recycling. This would create the market demand to help ensure what gets picked up from our homes each week is actually recycled. That means more of what you put in your bin will actually be destined for another life as a product or packaging and will not end up polluting our environment.

Together, we must demand that when we order tasty takeout food it doesn’t come with unwanted, unrecyclable plastic (or other disposable material) that can pollute our ocean. Take action now to put an end to plastic pollution. Send the letter below to your congressional representatives.

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